my rose colored glasses

A week or so ago I got a message from someone saying that they “get why I hate everyone…”. I can understand where the idea comes from that I hate everyone; even though it’s not really true, but I was more realistically thinking that this person was just being a smart ass. So I replied back with the fact that I was just giddy with anticipation to find out what insights this person had into my psyche. The person wrote back with the fact that they just got a glimpse of life through my rose colored glasses that I view things through, but no other details. Well, me with my charming wit and stellar personality couldn’t let someone think that it was just as simple as saying “I hate everyone”, because it is more complicated than that. To wit.

If you really want to see it properly it’s like this. There is a small handful that you truly hate with the kind of internal hate that keeps you warm at night and would let out a little “squeee” seeing them devoured by Cthulhu . Everyone else is assumed to be a moron unless proven otherwise. Those that have been proven otherwise you actually treat like a human being. Then there is the circle of friends who will either be standing next to you or you’ll be sure to save and help during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Now I thought that this was the perfect depiction of the way I view things and actually the way everyone should too. It’s got the hate that keeps you warm inside, the others and those forces that will survive the zombies. Then someone pointed out to me that it didn’t say anything at all about Mama, or Trains, or Trucks, or Prison, or Getting Drunk. Wait, no that’s not right.

Actually Ed pointed out that I had a faulty thought there at the end. If someone really is in the circle of friends then they are going to be prepared on their own to fight the Zombies Hordes and would not need to be saved. They would be working on trying to meet up, find and join the survivors colony. That person or persons who are in the circle of friends but need to be saved or helped during the Zombie Apocalypse are just dead weight and can be left for Zombie food. I concur with that and concede that I was wrong.

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