Instagram has gone to poo

Instagram used to be a pretty good service. Could keep up with what friends were having for lunch or dinner. See where they were traveling or what they might happen to be doing at some random point during the day. It was nice, concise, showed you what you wanted to see. Basically just did it’s job and did it well.

Let’s face it though. It’s now pretty much gone to shit. The feed is horrible when you bring it up. When the first item you see is from five days ago, then four days, then one day and then two days. One would just think that it’s broke or that there is some really bad logic in there.

The stories things that they copied from Snapchat now seems to be the big thing. If that’s the case they should just admit what they are doing. Copying everything that Snapchat is doing because Zuckerberg has a hard on for them. They turned down an acquisition offer and now he just wants to dick them over. Just admit it and get it over with.

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